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We are the Técnico's Student Club on Mental Health and Inclusion. With the help of The Técnico's Academic Development Office (NDA), we develop activities that bring awareness to these themes.

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Who We Are

We are a student club, but we also count on our volunteers (Inês Silva, Madalena Gameiro, Nivia Quental) and with the help of NDA members (Ana Barbosa, Isabel Gonçalves, Patrícia Simões, Rita Wahl, Helena Romão).

Mentor: Professor Alexandre Francisco

The Club

Author image Eduarda Amorim Chemical Eng.
Author image Fábio Cruz Physics
Author image Francisca Ordaz Informatics
Author image João Figueira Civil Eng.
Author image Luís Vieira Civil Eng.
Author image Mariana Moreira Eng. Physics
Author image Pedro Carvalho Mechanical Eng.
Author image Carmen Bacariza Chemical Eng.

What We Do

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These are our main current projects:

Brain Storms

Brain Storms project consists in a cycle of online talks in portuguese, every month, on topics involving mental health and inclusion. One time per semester the talk is in english. Each session has an invited speaker, or expert in the area, who will discuss and present insights related to the topic.


A special Brain Storms session based on the model of FAIL! talks (, created at MIT in 2017. The goal is to destigmatize failure in the Academy and Industry in general. Speakers known by their success share their failure stories and discuss how did they overcome them and how important they are in the path to success.